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So, your heart is broken. Your heart will not be the first to break, nor the last...but who cares about that now when you are in so much pain! You just want it to stop, and you want to move past your horrible break up and get on with your awesome life. And, although it may seem impossible, getting over a broken heart can be the easiest thing in the world - if you understand what a broken heart truly is. And that's where we come in. The more you understand the pain caused by your break up, the easier it will be for you to get over a broken heart and move on with your life.

Getting help with your broken heart

It's easy to get help with your broken heart. We have tons of advice here, as well as awesome links to the best websites that are specifically aimed at helping you rebuild your life after a relationship breakdown. Whether dumped, jilted, or rejected, we can help. And it's not just those who were dumped - the one making the decision to end the relationship can hurt just as much as having your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend make that decision for you. A broken heart results when a relationship ends, no matter who made the choice to end it. So don't think that the one who has chose to end the relationship hurts any less than you do, because they don't.

Some great links to help you with your broken heart

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Articles to Help Mend and Understand a Broken Heart
Broken Heart Books

FROM TIGRESS LUV! Breaking Up With a Narcissist: Living with, loving, and leaving a narcissist. How to survive a break up with a narcissistic lover! 

Women Really Do Love Bastards: A Man's Guide to Holding His Own 'Power' in a RelationshipHow Would You Like to Finally Find a Solution to Your Lack Of Manly Power over Women; in Your Life; in Your Relationships; and in Your Dating Arena?

Break Free From Their Spell! - and stop that magical hold they have over you...
....maybe they are in your life
....maybe they are gone
....maybe they just can't give you what you want ...
or need ...
from them...
....or maybe they just don't want to.

It doesn't matter, either way you just can't seem to let them go. Shake them off of you. Get them out of your heart and mind. And you can't function. You're not happy. You cry all the time. But now you can learn how to get over someone and Break Free From Their Spell! 

Learn how to attract a Sagittarius man and have him fall in love with YOU!

All in all, your broken heart will heal with time!

Be patient. Your relationship didn't happen over night, and your broken heart will not heal over night, either. But it will heal! And it will heal fast if you read our articles here and find out the real reasons why you hurt so much.

Don't forget, broken hearts are common. Every one has one (or more!) sometime in their life!

Including yours truly! How do you think I found the Lifted Hearts Network? To date we have helped heal thousands, if not millions of broken hearts, and we will help you heal yours, too. You will get over the pain of your break up. WE GUARANTEE IT!

More help for Your Broken Heart

Links and Sites that Help
Lifted Hearts Network - The Breakups Experts!

Breakup and Broken Heart Quotes

Even More Help for Your Broken Heart

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How To STOP Your Breakup - a guide for the rest of us! - The complete system on how to STOP your breakup!

How To Get Over a Breakup - How to mend a broken heart and recover from a breakup. You can feel better TODAY!

Why Women Dump Men - Forget what she told you, find out the real reason why you were dumped.

101Tips: The Insider's Secret on How to Become a Man Magnet - How to make a man fall in love with you!

Loving a Commitment Phobic Person: Dream Chasers, The CommitmentPhobe Addiction - For those who are in love with a commitmentphobic person.

Why Women Cheat - Find out the real reason why women cheat.

From Commitment Phobe to "I Do"! - Getting the 'non-committer' to commit.

Why Women Love Bastards!
A man's guide to holding is own POWER in his relationships, with women, and in his life!

Get Your Boyfriend Back
How to win his heart back

How to Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend
How to win her heart back and keep her hopelessly attached to you

And the Frog Shit on the Princess (for women only!)
A satirical look at break ups and at the opposite sex.: A Comical Look at your Ex!

Exes are from Uranus (for men only!)
A satirical look at break ups and at the opposite sex. A Comical Look at Your Ex!

Hello, Casanova!
A man's guide to romance and loving women!

Although the book, BreakupScopes isn't finished yet, enjoy this individual books from it

A Bastard's Guide to Dating
A Real Man's Guide to Dating, by Shyanne Neiman (
Warning: This ebook contains crude and graphic language.)

For GLBT relationships we offer the guide How to Have a Successful Same-Sex Relationship

Cunnilingus Academy
Curl her toes with these cunnilingus tips and techniques!

The Hand Job & Fellatio Report
Curl his toes with these fellatio tips and techniques!

The Big webBook of Breakup Poems: One - The first part of our breakup poems.

The Big webBook of Breakup Poems: Two - The second part of our sad love poems.

Can You Remain Friends With the Ex? Should You..? - A mini webBooklet on friendship after splitsville.

Looking For One Good Man? - Why Women Don't Date 'Nice Guys' - A mini webBooklet about 'Nice Guys'.

Why Men Bail Out After the 'Big Confession' (I Love You) - A mini webBooklet about why men won't commit.

Breakup Quotes - A collection of quotes about sad love.

Our AWESOME Support Community Message Boards  - Our compassionate support forums where our members have made thousands of posts on such boards as:

  • Lifted Hearts - Breakup Survival Support: When Love Ends it is difficult to remember that endings are ALWAYS opportunities to begin anew. Wondrous moments lie ahead. Trust and have faith that everything will work out. Trust me, it will!
  • How to STOP a Breakup - Saving Our Relationships and Stopping Our Breakups Support: If your relationship was meant to be, wouldn't it? Or is it that sometimes things just 'go wrong' and a simple 'fix' is all that is needed. Talk about it here, and get support and feedback from others.
  • Dream Chasers - Support for Those Involved with a Commitmentphobe: Commitmentphobia damages relationships. Discuss commitmentphobia and gain support and understanding from others who have been there.
  • Becoming a Man Magnet: Support for Women: Come on, men and women, give the gals a low down on how to please the guys. Men, let the women know what you want. Women, let others in on some useful tips for making their man happy and forever in love.
  • Why Women Dump Men: Come on, women and men, give the guys a low down on how to please the gals. Women, let the men know what you want. Men, let others in on some useful tips for making their woman happy and forever in love.
  • Why People Cheat: Infidelity Support Board: For victims of infidelity. Talk about it and get encouragements here.
  • Sad Love Poems: Post your favorite poems here, or add your own poetry and verse.
  • Broken Heart Resources: Do you have a book, movie, song, or other recommendation that has helped you? Post it here and share the support!
  • Polls Galore!: Feel free to create your own poll, or to take other's!

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Interesting Links for  Broken Hearts

* (BRAND NEW) FROM TIGRESS LUV! Breaking Up With a Narcissist: Living with, loving, and leaving a narcissist. How to survive a break up with a narcissistic lover! 


How much of their attraction to you have you lost?

...maybe you have broken up
....maybe you are together but you sense that they're not attracted to you anymore
....maybe they just have become too familiar (or bored) with you...
....maybe things just 'stopped' after the baby was born
....maybe you have put on a few pounds 
....or maybe they just don't see you in 'that way' anymore

It doesn't matter; all you know is that they're not attracted to you anymore! But soon you'll discover just how easy it is to make them become massively attracted and hopelessly attached to you once again -
once I show you how! Read my latest eBook, How to Win Back Their Attraction here!

These ebooks are the ONLY ebooks we recommend to help you get your ex back, stop your breakup, or move on after a breakup.

For the women:

* How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back - By using these basic, down-to-earth strategies, anyone can get an ex-boyfriend back and turn a broken relationship back into a loving, lasting one - or make their current relationships deeper and more fulfilling.

* The Zodiac Man - Because not all ex-boyfriends or ex-husbands are the same, the plan to win them back shouldn't be the same either! That's why there's 'Breakup Scopes' The Zodiac Man'!

For the men:

* How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back eBook Kit - Learn how to win back your ex girlfriend and become the man that women stay hopelessly attracted and attached to. Well worth the read!

* How to Win Back Their Attraction - Soon you'll discover just how easy it is to make them become massively attracted and hopelessly attached to you once again - once I show you how! Read my latest eBook, How to Win Back Their Attraction here!

Plus if your breakup is very recent, or in the process, we highly recommend:

* How to Stop A Breakup - Written by The Break Up Guru, this highly-raved about ebook explains to you how you can save your relationship, get your ex back, or stop your breakup, separation, or divorce. Simple tricks to getting your partner back.

And to Mend a Broken Heart:

* How to Get Over a Break Up - Written by The Break Up Guru. An unbelieavably good read! Help to mend your broken heart and recover from a break up. You can mend TODAY!

Breakup Community
Man Magnet
Broken Heart Repair
Get Your Ex Back
Why Women Cheat
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Breaking Up With a Narcissist Forum
Stop His Commitmentphobia - Learn a unique and non-manipulative approach to becoming irresistible to men!

NEW! FOR THE WOMEN WE NOW HAVE THE ZODIAC MAN! This is a great source of advice for winning the heart of, or winning back the heart of, any man of the Zodiac. - Tons of relationship advice articles from experts around the world!

Earn a Living Online! - Ideas for you to make money online. It's easier than you think (and it takes your mind off of your ex)!

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